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Jarvis on Yamaha’s seamless-shift gearbox

Jarvis on Yamaha’s seamless-shift gearbox

Lin Jarvis, Managing Director of Yamaha Factory Racing, has shared the latest on his team’s forthcoming introduction of seamless-shift gearbox technology.

In order to follow in the footsteps of rivals Honda, Yamaha has been testing such technology in Japan. Jarvis now reveals that the company’s MotoGP™ race riders are set to sample seamless-shift gearboxes for the first time. This could be in a private test that the company will be staging at Brno on 6-7 August.

“I’m not a rider and you would be better off asking the riders, but I understand that our gearbox is extremely good; so, as a regular gearbox, it is of an extremely high level,” Jarvis said on Wednesday during a press conference at the HQ of Yamaha US in Los Angeles. “The date of introduction of the final seamless is still to be determined. We are already testing it in Japan on the race tracks.

"We will be testing it soon with our Grand Prix riders and then, based on when we are ready – when we can see that it really has an advantage and that the reliability is there – then we will introduce it…I think you will see it this year."

When questioned on whether such a component would be fully secure to be put into use this season, Jarvis stressed that this is a top priority.

"Our engineers’ main concern is rider safety," he continued. "With a gearbox, you cannot afford to make one mistake. You make one mistake and it costs the rider points but, what is more important is that it could cost you the rider, so Yamaha will not introduce it until they are 100% sure that it is working really well and faultlessly."


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