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Jorge Lorenzo: 'The honourable runner-up'

Jorge Lorenzo: 'The honourable runner-up'

Jorge Lorenzo takes a moment to look back at the 2013 MotoGP™ season, in which he valiantly fought – on occasions through injury – to defend the world crown before ultimately losing out by the meager margin of four points.

During a promotional event at which he was accompanied by Anna Vives, the friend with whom he shared the podium after winning the Catalan Grand Prix, Lorenzo expressed his satisfaction over the latest campaign despite missing out on the golden prize.

“We were honourable runners-up,” said the Yamaha Factory Racing rider. “We never threw in the towel at any time and pushed until the very end. We achieved eight races victories – more than anybody else – and scored many points despite errors, crashes and injuries. At the end of the day, a championship is decided by a combination of factors; the main thing is how fast you go, but you must also consider the bike factor and the matter of bad luck.”

On the other side of the Yamaha garage for 2014, teammate Valentino Rossi will be working with a new Crew Chief as Silvano Galbusera replaces Jeremy Burgess. However, there will be some personnel changes for Lorenzo as well.

“Yes, there are two mechanics who have decided to leave the team because they are tired of travelling after so many years,” the Mallorcan explains. “One has decided to retire and the other is going to start a business outside of racing. But at the heart of things, (Crew Chief) Ramon Forcada plus the Japanese telemetry engineers will continue, so we can safely say that 80% of the team will be remaining the same.”

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