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A Post-season Catch-up: Lin Jarvis

A Post-season Catch-up: Lin Jarvis

Yamaha narrowly missed out on both the Riders’ and Constructors’ world titles in 2013. Heading into the winter break, Yamaha Factory Racing’s Managing Director Lin Jarvis shared his confidence ahead of the new campaign in 2014.

What is the final Lin Jarvis verdict on 2013?

We had a pretty good result, at the end of the day. We didn’t win the championship at the end of the year, which was unfortunate, but we only lost it by four points. Honestly speaking, it’s been a great season and we’re pretty happy with the result.

Of course we prefer to be first, but second and such a good performance is great. Over the entire year, we won nine Grands Prix: eight by Jorge and one by Valentino in Assen, coming back to success with Yamaha. We were especially happy with the end of the season because we won five of the last seven races.

So we see it as a successful season. It has not been easy; we started with a one-two in the first race and then had a bit of a dip, followed by the injuries of Jorge mid-season in Assen and then again at the Sachsenring. That really was the turning point for the season and, since then, Jorge has been fighting a points deficit and giving his maximum to come back.

In terms of bike performance, we won the same number of Grands Prix as Honda, so I would say it was a really even match and an equal challenge and championship. Finally, (Marc) Marquez had a sensational rookie season, as everybody has seen, so this year we haven’t been able to take the title but we will be back next year.

At the post-race test in Valencia, we saw some big changes for Valentino Rossi…

Obviously, one of the major changes for Valentino is that (he was) working straight away with his new Crew Chief. Sadly, we said farewell to Jeremy (Burgess) at the end of the last race on Sunday, but we welcomed his replacement Silvano Galbusera on Monday morning. This will be part of Valentino’s strategy, to give a boost to his challenge next season.

What about the test programme itself?

I can’t tell you what we are testing [smiles], but we are testing lots of different things: chassis, electronics, engine. Basically, we have the 2014 bike here (at the post-race test session in Valencia). After this test, we go away for the winter to work on all the data, modify and to be back for Sepang 1 which is at the beginning of February next year. Then we have three Official Tests before the first race of the season in Qatar, which next year will be earlier than ever.

It is still very early days for 2014. At this point, are there targets set in stone for both Jorge Lorenzo and Valentino Rossi?
Not set in stone. It is going to be a tough battle again. In my opinion, it will be Honda versus Yamaha again and Marquez versus Lorenzo again. We have just got to be on top of our game and have the riders in good health, fully motivated.

With the bike, we have got to improve every area because we know our competitors will be doing the same. (Directly after the season) we need a rest, quite honestly [smiles], because the end of the season has been quite hard. I think the testing ban from December 1st until January 31st is a good idea because it forces everybody to take a rest and to recuperate and enjoy the winter as well as planning our strategies and improvements. We will try to look in every single area as to what we can do better and try to avoid mistakes. We will be there. I am confident we will be there next year, too.

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