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A Post-season Catch-up: Scott Redding

A Post-season Catch-up: Scott Redding

Scott Redding came so near yet so far to Moto2™ title glory in 2013, leading the standings for much of the season before an unfortunate crash in Australia. The Englishman spoke with us during last weekend’s Motorcycle Live 2013 at Birmingham’s NEC.

Scott, what were your best and worst moments of 2013?

The good moment has to be Silverstone…it just had to be the best weekend ever. I think the worse part was a combination of Phillip Island and Japan, with Phillip Island obviously being the start of that run of bad luck when I broke my wrist.

Ahead of the season, many chose Pol Espargaro as the title favourite. How did you rate your own title chances when travelling over to Qatar?

I thought I would be more or less where I was because that was my aim for this year. Pol really did set the game up when he started to get to grips with things; he was consistently fast. The championship ended up turning the other way round to how it had been at the start and, as we know, he came out on top in the end.

Silverstone was a particularly brilliant weekend for you – were you surprised by the support and pure emotional reaction you received from the British public?

It wasn’t really a surprise because I always seem to go well there and I had obviously been having a good run this season. For those reasons I felt like the fans expected a win and I used that as confidence and not pressure. But to deliver the victory with the Union Jack livery and the wolf helmet was absolutely amazing.

Sadly, we can’t talk about 2013 without mentioning Phillip Island. What can you remember of the crash and how quickly did you realise you were in trouble?

I remember losing control and flying over the front of the bike, hoping everything would be alright. Then I felt my wrist rotate and snap. I’d never broken a bone before and knew it wasn’t good…I kept saying to myself, ‘It’s alright, it’s not broken, it’s not broken…’ I was moving my fingers and so on, then took my glove off and saw my hand just hanging down – then I obviously knew it was bad.

Espargaro went on to win in Australia but - with yourself injured – he received some criticism about his celebrations. Do you feel he deserved that criticism?

No-one deserves criticism like that, in my eyes, but it’s hard to say because anything can happen in racing. A lot of people were saying he had only won because I wasn’t racing, as up until my crash I had been consistently fast that weekend.

At the end of the day, I wasn’t in the race, he won and he can celebrate however he wants. In comparison with myself he over-celebrates anyway, but that’s just how he is and everyone is different! Maybe to some people it just seemed like he was celebrating too much, like he had already won the title.

Looking ahead to next year, the Valencia test was your first taste of the Honda customer RCV1000R and the GO&FUN Honda Gresini team. First impressions?

Really good. All of the guys are mega and I was mega excited. The only downer was my wrist which was holding me back, but I wanted to do as many laps as possible; now I’m just looking forward to Malaysia and getting back out on-track.

Do you get on well with new teammate Alvaro Bautista?

He seems alright but we’ve not really spoken much yet. Then again, I’m not there to make friends. I’m there for my own career and to do as well as possible.

What is the Scott Redding target for 2014?

To be the top Honda RCV1000R rider in every race. It won’t be easy, when you have guys like Nicky Hayden around you, but I will definitely be going for it.

Do you have much planned for the upcoming holiday period?

I have just had a month off which I didn’t want, due to injuries, so I don’t want another month off! I have been trying to catch up on training and will continue to do the same over Christmas and January, to be ready and in a fit state for the New Year.

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