MCN: Yamaha head wants Race Direction to talk with Marquez

Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Massimo Meregalli, the Team Director for Yamaha Factory Racing, claims MotoGP™ Race Direction should hold a talk with Marc Marquez about riding tactics. However, instead of referring to the high profile last-corner lunge of the Spanish Grand Prix, it is the Repsol Honda Rider’s aggression at Turn 6 which is more concerning to Meregalli; the 20-year-old overtook Jorge Lorenzo on the final lap, but was re-passed when he out-braked himself and also forced his opponent wide.

“My personal feeling is that, for sure, he did a few things during the race that were on the limit, so I hope someone will speak to him because a few things were on the edge,” Meregalli tells Motorcycle News. “There were two or three moments in the braking for Turn 6 that were pretty close to the edge and fortunately he didn’t touch Jorge. Maybe they were close to the limit and a bit dangerous… I’m not expecting any reaction from him. I’m just hoping that Race Direction will speak with him.”

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