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Pedrosa on 2014 form, his race philosophy and the future

Pedrosa on 2014 form, his race philosophy and the future

Ahead of his home race at the Gran Premi Monster Energy de Catalunya speaks to Repsol Honda’s Dani Pedrosa at length.

Having seen his early season podium form affected by arm pump problems at the last two rounds, Pedrosa would love nothing more than a first victory of 2014 to improve his championship standing.

Giving an insight to his early season perspective, Pedrosa explains his recent approach to races, saying, “This year we tried to improve on the weak points where we suffered last season, and one thing to improve was trying to be strong throughout the entire 45 minutes of the race, especially during the last 20 minutes of the race, and I have improved this, but on the other hand I have lost some aggression in the first 20 minutes of the race. So on one hand we improved but we lost on the other side.”

On the contrast in his form with that of rampant World Champion Marc Marquez, who has won the opening six rounds of 2014 on the same package, Pedrosa comments that they have different ways of getting the best from the Honda RC213V and thus far his teammate has squeezed more out of the bike this season.

“You have the same components, but then it is up to you what you do with them, and in this case Marc in these first races has found the perfect configuration for himself, whereas I am struggling more at the beginning of the races,” admits the experience Spaniard. “Yes, we have the same components, but in the end what moves the bike is the rider, you cannot forget that. Like two people with the same trainers (shoes) will not run the same marathon.”

On what makes him tick as a rider, Pedrosa adds, “What you enjoy the most is riding the bike, when it is only you and the bike and you forget everything else, you forget the outside world, you forget who you are and what you do, you forget everything, you just feel good with the bike. You do what you want with it and you feel the power, and you get the feeling coming from the tyres. These moments really make me complete.”

“They make you so happy that you are always chasing it, and the percentage is very uneven because then there are a lot of hours and a lot of laps when you do not feel right, when you do not like the bike, or the tyre is not working, or your riding is not good, but this little percentage of victory, this little moment of good speed when you feel complete with your bike, this fulfills you so much that you can not stop searching again for that feeling. That is my motivation.”

Meanwhile, giving his perspective on 2010 and 2012 MotoGP World Champion Jorge Lorenzo’s tricky start to the current campaign Pedrosa states, “If you look at Jorge’s track record during the last years, his numbers are impressive. He has always been either first or second in the Championship and always with a lot of victories and good results. Maybe now he is not at his best moment, but all riders have ups and downs in their careers and actually Jorge has been keeping his level very high for a long time, so I cannot say a lot because I am not in his shoes, but I do not think there is a serious problem with him.”

Finally, on his future and what 2015 and beyond may hold for Pedrosa, he concludes, “My first option is always to continue with Honda, I have been here my entire career and because we respect each other, we are interested in talking to each other first. There is nothing on the table yet, but Honda is my first option.”

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