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DRIVE M7 Aspar team see lap times improving

DRIVE M7 Aspar team see lap times improving

Nicky Hayden and Eugene Laverty continue working on setup of new Honda, improving their times from the opening day.

The DRIVE M7 Aspar riders continued to work on the setups of their respective chassis at the Sepang circuit on Thursday. Whilst Hayden praised the performance of his new engine, he experienced difficulty with his chassis and suffered from chatter issues. He also focused on adapting to new electronics and the American improved his best time from day one by four tenths of a second almost immediately.

Hayden said: "The engine of this bike is definitely a step forward from last year. I haven’t ridden alongside another rider to compare, but the performance of this engine is very positive. I still haven’t been able to ride as fast as I want with it. I am having trouble getting comfortable with the chassis when pushing hard. Today we have taken a big step forward from the first day, but it is still not enough; we must continue working. We are looking at the reasons but it's quite hard to turn the bike, and there has been some front end chatter. Today we improved the response of the electronics, but it's all so new that we still have a lot of work ahead. We want to be cautious for now, but we hope that this bike has great potential."

Across the garage, Laverty continued working to adapt to an entirely new class. He focused on putting in laps, in order to feel more comfortable onboard his Honda and improve its lean angle. On day two Laverty also lowered his best time from Wednesday, but is aware that he must continue working to accelerate his adaptation.

Laverty added: "Today we continued to work on my riding position, to make me feel more comfortable when riding. We are testing the chassis to improve the lean angle. One of the aspects which we have improved is stability under braking, so now I can stop the bike more easily and I have greater sensitivity with the front fork. As for the rear, we still have to keep working to find some more grip. The tyres we used before had a very low temperature and skidded a lot, whilst those we are using now have a higher temperature. That means I can slow the bike down when sliding. I do not mind sliding if the bike still turns, but sometimes if you slide too much you lose time."

MotoGP, 2015, SEPANG MOTOGP™ OFFICIAL TEST, Nicky Hayden, Aspar MotoGP Team

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