MotoGP™ Trivia App

There’s only one official MotoGP™ Trivia App and this is it. With thousands of multiple choice questions, it’s time to put your MotoGP™ knowledge to the test!

This is a Trivia game with a twist.

Answer questions against the clock, play to beat the qualifying time set for each of the 2014 MotopGP™ circuits and unlock the next challenge.

Interface et texte en anglais, français, espagnol, italien et allemand.

This App is available on Android and iOS devices.


Earn your way up from a Rookie Rider to become the Ultimate MotoGP™ Trivia Champion Rider

Start as a Rookie Rider. Once you’ve beaten the Rookie qualifying times, we’ll let you loose as a Pro Rider and then up to the ultimate where you become a Champion Rider. Have you got the MotoGP knowledge to earn your ride with the Champions?

Beat the Circuit lap time to unlock the next circuit.

Parcourez la saison en battant le chrono fixé pour chaque circuit.

Once you complete all the circuits then the next level will be unlocked.

Play to your strengths

Trivia questions are split into 8 categories: Vintage, Riders, Teams, 2014 season, Technical, Circuits, Records and Lucky Dip. So you can pick your Favourite Category.

Other than ‘2014 Season’ category, all questions are correct to the end of the 2013 season.

Boost your Bike speed. Recover your Bike life.

Feeling confident about your chosen question category? Then use a Speed Boost to propel you even further if you answer correctly. Use a Health boost to get your bike back up to speed.

Answer the question correctly and recover your bike life.

Get rated on your performance.

When each track is completed, you will be Star Rated depending on how many questions you answered incorrectly.

Invite your Facebook friends and you’ll be able to see how well they do compared to your own performance.