FAQ: Payment issues

How can I buy a Video pass? What are the prices and conditions?

Please visit our Subscribe section where you will find a description of all the packages available for purchase, a video sample that we recommend you test, and the format descriptions. When the payment is successfully made, you will receive a confirmation e-mail with an order code. You will be able to see the package you purchased in your profile.

What should I do with the autorenewal if my credit card number has changed?

The best option is to cancel your autorenewal and then purchase the new video pass with your new credit card. To cancel auto-renewal billing for your VideoPass subscription, please visit your VideoPass section on your profile, after clicking on your email address in bold, once logged in. Set the automatic renewal feature to Disabled.

What is the currency exchange applied? Which currency is the video pass charged in?

Our prices are shown and charged in Euros. Your bank will do the currency exchange. You should contact them in order to know the exchange rate they will apply.

What does auto-renewal mean?

When you purchase a MotoGP Full Season VideoPass subscription, you also accept the Terms and Conditions allowing your subscription to be automatically renewed the following season and each subsequent season.

You will be notified of this impending charge by email at the email address you provided during sign up. We will also advise you of any price changes at this time as well as any other material changes to the subscription terms. You will then have an opportunity to cancel your subscription if you do not want it renewed for the following season. Please be advised that if you do not affirmatively cancel your subscription by the date provided in our email notice then it will be automatically renewed and the credit card on file will be charged based on the subscription price indicated in the email notification.