FAQ: VideoPasses: One-Event

What do I get to see with the One-Event VideoPass?

With MotoGP One Event VideoPass you get the same access and feature of MotoGP Full Season VideoPass for the duration of the event. Access begins when purchased and ends Tuesday after the GP weekend at 23:59h GMT. Full Features include: -Live and OnDemand coverage: watch every session of all three categories Live Online and OnDemand in High-Definition. -Interactive Time Line: Instantly jump to key moments of the race, such as overtakes, run-offs, crashes or slow-motion replays, by clicking on time line markers – available for Live Video and for OnDemand sessions. -New Events Feature: Keep track of all the key moments during races and sessions, such as overtakes, run-offs, crashes or slow-motion replays. -DVR Live Video: DVR (Digital Video Recorder) allows viewers to pause live video and resume playback from the paused location. Viewers can also rewind a live event, play the recorded section, and forward to the back live section. -OnBoard Experience: Full MotoGP™ races available with OnBoard cameras. -From any device: Access MotoGP™ Races with your PC & Mac, iPhone, iPad or Android Devices.* -Live Timing: Monitor every fraction of a second with our new and improved Live Timing, featuring all-important info such as split sector times, last lap, fastest lap and more. -Ads free Video Section: Enjoy a premium experience without advertising on the Video Section. -Classics: MotoGP™ Classics brings you an exclusive collection of the most exciting battles in the premier class since 1992. -Video Library: Enjoy more than 22.000 videos from 1992 to the present day including full races, interviews, summaries, reports and much more. Please consult our VideoPass section to find out details about the coverage and requirements: http://www.motogp.com/en/videopass_help *The availability and conditions of the video pass may vary depending on the time of the year. We recommend you check our Subscribe section, where you will find the video passes currently available for purchase in your country *Please note that viewing experience may vary depending on the internet connection, device and/or operating system. If the user is experiencing problems viewing certain features on motogp.com on iPhone, iPad or other mobile devices we suggest using a computer/laptop.

For how long can I use my One-Event VideoPass?

The VideoPass permissions expire at 23:59 GMT on the Tuesday following the Grand Prix. (Please note: For the TT Assen this VideoPass will run from the Monday preceding the Grand Prix to the Monday following it)

How can I see the videos?

Before trying to watch a video, make sure you are logged in. For the best possible experience when viewing motogp.com videos and when using the web-based live timing, please ensure you have the latest version of Adobe Flash Player as well as a recent version of your internet browser

Can I access my account on different devices simultaneously?

You can access your account on different devices as long as you are connecting from the same IP (internet connection). The access is limited to one IP address simultaneously, according to the video pass purchase policy.

The account cannot be shared.

When is the live video on?

Live Video will be available for Free Practices, Qualifying Practices, warm ups and races of all categories during Grand Prix weekends. Please consult the events schedule in the Calendar & Circuits section

What is the video format?

The 2014 videos are available in adaptive bit rate format, both live and on-demand.
The bit rates are as follows:

720p -> 1280x720px at 2.5 Mbps
540p -> 960x540px at 1.3 Mbps
360p -> 640x360px at 850 Kbps

Which languages is the video commentary in ?

The live commentary is available in English only.

The commentary can be switched off on the right side of the video player to listen to be bikes only.

The daily highlights commentary during the GP weekend is available in English, Italian and Spanish.

The interviews are usually available in English or in the interviewee native language.

What is the refund Policy for MotoGP VideoPass?

Except where we offer, at our absolute discretion, an applicable VideoPass exchange or refund facility, VideoPasses cannot be refunded after purchase. We shall not be liable to make any refund or pay any compensation. Where a refund is sought you must bring this to our attention, as soon as possible upon becoming aware of, any circumstance that give you right to it. The refund, if the VideoPass was never successfully used, might equal the selling price of the VideoPass purchased less any commission from the Pay Platform, your bank or any third party. In order to claim your refund, if you have any right to it, please apply in writing to us through the website contact form. The refund shall only be made to the person who purchased the VideoPass and using the same method as was used to purchase the VideoPass.

What are the minimum system requirements?

The minimum requirements are:

- Intel Core i5 or equivalent AMD processor (*) with a minimum of 2GB of memory (4 GB for MultiScreen)
- An operating system and browser supported by Adobe: http://www.adobe.com/software/flash/about
- Adobe Flash player version 11.2
- A broadband internet connection of 4 Mbps or higher (12 Mbps for MultiScreen)
- 1024x768 resolution or higher

The recommended requirements are:

- Latest versions of Windows, Mac and GNU/Linux
- Latest versions of Firefox, Google Chrome and Internet Explorer
- Latest version of Adobe Flash player
- 1280×720 resolution or higher

(*) This might vary on your particular system configuration.