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Tuesday, 17, July 2012

熱狂のムジェロを火事と表現したクレージー・ジョーことイアンノーネが、消防士ジョーに変身。レースでは逆転の火消しに成功したが、自ら出火源となり、地元イタリア人ファンをさらに過熱させた。 全文を表示 »

Speed Master Information:

The team was initially created as a vehicle for Andrea Iannone to take his first steps in the Moto2 World Championship and it was thought that the Italian would logically make the move with the team up into MotoGP. However the Italian is still keen to clinch the championship he has finished third in for the past two years, so his father has signed Mattia Pasini to take the reins in their premier class debut. Both parties have bags of Aprilia experience so this could help smooth the transition.

Team Management

  • Regalino IannoneTeam Manager
  • Silvio VercilliTeam co-owner

Mattia Pasini Crew

  • Tommaso RaponiChief Mechanic
  • Renato PennacchioData Recording
  • Massimo TognacciMechanic
  • Christian DionigiMechanic
  • Fabio RovelliMechanic
  • Stefano SignorettiMechanic