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24 days ago
By Crash.Net

Bourguignon on Crutchlow's training ahead of 2018

Cal Crutchlow's crew chief Christophe Bourguignon discusses the British rider's preparation for 2018, after talking to Crash.Net

In an exclusive interview with motorsport news website Crash.Net, Cal Crutchlow’s crew chief Christophe Bourguignon has stated that despite the Englishman losing weight during the off-season, the primary gain from it will mainly be psychological as opposed to physical.

The 32-year-old undertook a training programme during the winter which saw him shed over six and a half kilos by the end of January, although Bourguignon says that he was under no pressure to do so.

“We did not know until we saw him,” says the Belgian. “I think he’s got it under control, the way he trains in the winter. Nobody told him what he needed to do. It’s just his own habit.

“We didn’t hear from him all winter. He’s on his bike training in California. I think it’s probably a good motivation for him - he’s used this as a motivation and he’s hard on himself to do that in the winter. He’s a well-prepared rider.”

However, despite the training programme, Bourguignon says there wasn’t a big change in the LCR Honda rider’s lap times over the course of the Malaysian and Thailand tests.

“Looking at the data, we cannot see [a difference],” he said. “It’s really close. I don’t think you can say this is what made the difference, but if you calculate it, you’re going to see that in 30 laps you’ll gain ‘X’ tenths over a race distance.

“It cannot be worse; only better. When you have a light rider it probably means he’s in good physical condition, good mentally, and prepared for racing. He seems to be really relaxed and confident about the way he has prepared this winter, and the way that he is now.

“You know, we try to save kilos on the bike all the winter. [We use] These [Ohlins] carbon forks because they are lighter and obviously with him also losing weight, as well as the overall package, it makes a difference, you know?  It’s probably more in his head, knowing that he’s prepared.”

The article also goes on to discuss Crutchlow’s chances for the 2018 season, with the Briton’s rhythm and consistency mentioned positively for racing.

“When you see the rhythm recently, there is a good chance to have some good races with Cal. We will take the opportunity to make that happen.”