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6 days ago
By BT Sport

"You saved my life" – Rabat meets Silverstone crash heroes

Twelve months on, Tito Rabat sat down with the marshal and medic that were first on hand following his 2018 British GP horror crash

Just twelve months on from Tito Rabat’s (Reale Avintia Racing) horror crash at Silverstone that left him with a broken femur, fibula and tibia, the Spaniard got to meet the medic and marshall that were first on hand at Stowe corner to thank them for saving his life.

Filmed by BT Sport, the marshall described what she saw one year ago: “I watched the bike come in and I thought it’s going to hit you, it’s going to hit you and we couldn’t get to you in time to get you out the way as it all happened so quickly. When it actually hit you and threw you across, it’s one of the scariest things I’ve ever seen but you were there, you weren’t unconscious, and it was like thank goodness for that. To be honest, it was nice to see you in pain as it meant you were feeling something. It’s one of the scariest things I’ve seen as a marshall, definitely.”

Rabat meets the marshall and medic that "saved his life"

Rabat, meanwhile, talked the pair through the events from his point of view before thanking them for their incredible work in such difficult conditions: “It was a very bad day. I don’t remember too much. I don’t remember the helicopter or the car, I don’t remember anything.

“I remember the crash and being in the gravel, but I didn’t see the bike coming as I was on the floor, on my hands and knees. Then, everything was super-fast. I remember Rins waving and then I turned and 'bam'. I just heard a big impact. But honestly, just thank you very much. You did a fantastic job and you saved my life.”