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By Sky Sports Italia

"There's now time for chores I normally put off" - Dovizioso

The factory Ducati rider opens up on his #StayAtHome life and why quality over quantity is his training ethos

Ducati Team's Andrea Dovizioso is, like many, currently staying at home and he is diving into normal house life as much as possible as he waits for the MotoGP™ World Championship to finally get underway. However, despite finding time for some housework that he usually tries to avoid, it's business as usual for the Italian.

Sky Sports Italia caught up with the 'Undaunted' rider, to see what he's been up to over recent weeks and if his thoughts on the 2020 MotoGP™ World Championship have chnaged at all since they last caught up with him at the Qatar Test.

Andrea, let's start by asking a popular question of late: how have you been spending your time at home?

Not having this immediate 'deadline' means you can finetune your workouts and concentrate on certain details, without worrying about being here or there for a particular date. That's the main difference but the preparation continues, of course. Fortunately, for a little over a year, I have had a shed next to my house where I keep all of my bikes and do most of my training. It's my private gym, so I spend most of my time there training. Apart from that, now there is time to do certain chores at home that normally I put off!"

So is Andrea Dovizioso a man of the house?

"No, no, let's not exaggerate now!", he replies laughing.

Do you watch a lot of television?

"I'm a bit desperate because I study and watch motocross a lot, especially American Supercross, but now, obviously, I can't watch it because it too has been postponed. But I always look for videos or technical articles related to it on the internet. So yes, I watch TV but I like it so I can do specific research on situations and riders who show certain things."

Have you been in touch with other people in the MotoGP™ paddock?

"Yes, I keep hearing from all of my friends. I normally call them."

What are your thoughts on the start of the season being postponed until May?

"The toughest thing for me is the postponement until May. I was running around, doing everything in a hurry, trying to focus exclusively on performance. Then suddenly we found ourselves in a completely opposite situation. You miss doing things, your usual routine, and it's tough. You don't think about resting, you just want to say 'I would like to go there, I would like to do this, I would like, I would like', but this is the reality, the facts of life at the moment and we simply have to adapt to it."

How will the delayed start to the season affect the MotoGP™ World Championship?

"From a physical point of view, my preparation, nothing changes. It all depends on when the season will start because I imagine that when we start, we will start with a rocket without pauses. Therefore, it depends on when it happens, on what date, it depends on how long it will last and how many races we will do. The more compressed the Championship, the harder it will be. Also, because of all the non-European rounds, the flights, the time zone changes will be tough for everyone. It will certainly influence it but understanding who could do better or worse is impossible."

The new calendar means that the season will end with two triple-headers (Japan, Australia and Malaysia followed by America, Argentina and Valencia). How tough will that be for riders?

It will be tough unless you sit down and plan. When they say to us: 'we'll be at this track on this day', it's important to put a plan together and be prepared.

Do you miss your bike?

"Yes! I missed the season opener in Qatar above all. After three days of testing, after working on certain things, you have your whole programme in mind. Your feelings, your beliefs, your ideas and you're solely focused on putting them into put into practice and, instead, everything disappeared."

Have you been training more?

"No, no. At this moment of my career I don't do quantity, only quality. I don't train every day. Now, I want to fix certain things at home."

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