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By Sky Sport MotoGP

Dovizioso: "In Qatar we would have been fast, for sure"

The Italian joined Sky Sport MotoGP for a chat about preseason, missed opportunities at Losail and increasing levels of competition

Guest of #CasaSkySport, Ducati Team’s Andrea Dovizioso shared his opinion on the different aspects of MotoGP™ in 2020 as the Italian – and everyone else – looks forward to the resuming of the campaign.

“Let's say that the tests did not go badly,” began Dovizioso. “It is not easy to understand exactly where the others are because there are so many ways to do the tests. There are those who want to prove that they are ahead and riders and teams who do not, so you don’t know who pushed 100% in certain situations.”

As Dovi explains, the difficulty lies in understanding which rivals opted to do race simulations rather than time attacks, because “times are being set but you have to see how much someone risks and pushes.”

Winner of the opening Grand Prix for the past two years, Dovizioso was understandably saddened the premier class were unable to compete at the QNB Grand Prix of Qatar alongside the Moto2™ and Moto3™ classes. And in 2020, Dovi believes he and Ducati would have been quick again.

“Let's say that in Qatar we would be been fast, for sure. However our opponents are going very well, it seems. In Qatar we could have had our say.”

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As Dovi alluded to previously, one this is for certain: the competition levels in MotoGP™ are fiercer than ever. “It is a very particular year because the level is always higher with more and more competitive bikes and increasingly talented young riders. It begins to be hard for us old riders. But we can still have our say. In the end, only the race makes you really understand how the situation is.”

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