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26 days ago
By Fox Sports

Miller: "It tests your motivation levels"

Fox Sports features some quotes from the Australian about he’s coping with the 2020 season delay

Pramac Racing’s Jack Miller has provided MotoGP™ fans an update as to how he’s getting on with quarantine life, with Fox Sports featuring some of the Australian’s quotes on their website.

“I'm not going to lie, it does test your motivation levels when you don't have a specific time or date to aim towards,” comments Miller in an interview on his website. “You spend the winter getting fit, getting ready, you've done testing and then it all just stops. It feels like you're stuck in purgatory. My training programme hasn't changed… I'm still cycling and I'm still running, and I've made a point of getting up early in the mornings and getting into it.”

Miller continues, saying how important it is to keep unwanted weight off, with this factor having a big influence on rider and bike performance. “[It is] easy up here because it's warm too, that definitely helps. It'd be easy to lose motivation, train a bit less, put some kilos on where you don't want to … that's definitely something I'm trying to avoid because in the past I've struggled to get weight off if I put some on.

“I've worked really hard on that aspect of my riding so I'll keep things where I can, that way I don't have to push as hard later to be as close to top shape as I can be. I'll race some motocross, do what I can to keep racing because that's what you're desperate to do when you're not allowed to do your real job, let's say.”

Click here to see Fox Sports’ article on the Ducati rider, and you can find Miller’s full interview on his website via this link.

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