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27 days ago
By Sky Sport 24 HD

Mir has faith in team to step up in wake of Brivio exit

The Mallorcan spoke about the Italian's unexpected departure as well as his passion for sailing in an interview with SkySports 24

Current MotoGP™ World Champion Joan Mir has broken his silence on the departure of former Suzuki Team manager Davide Brivio. The Italian’s decision to leave for pastures new took Hamamatsu factory by surprise, but the Mallorcan is confident that it won’t affect the team’s on-track performance.

“It is a very difficult situation because Davide was a point of reference for the team. But I’m very calm. I have a lot of confidence, I’m sure we’ll be able to do a good job, we have the people who can do it” Mir said in an interview with SkySports24.

It wasn’t the only thing discusses in the interview, as Mir also spoke of his passion for sailing, calling it the “MotoGP™ of the sea”.

“I like it because as a good Mallorcan, I love the sea, I find it an extreme sport, we can consider it the MotoGP™ of the sea. I try sailing boats, even if I usually go with motorized ones, I hope to learn in the future.

He was even invited along to join the crew of the Luna Rossa, a boat currently competing in the Prada Cup, by its captain Max Sirena, who joined them in the interview.

“One day we invite you, you will see that you have fun with these monsters ... They go faster than the motorboats you are used to. "

How Brivio took Suzuki to the summit

"Let's do this: one day I come to test one of your boats, then we make the change and one of you gets on a MotoGP™ bike,” readily accepting the challenge and invitation.

Speaking on the comparison between MotoGP™ and sailing, Sirena had an idea: "It would be nice to let a rider try the flight control of these boats. They are used to it, they have an impressive ability to manage electronic systems, they have to deal with it while they go at 300km / h, staying focused on driving. We thought about who we could call: Dovizioso, who for now has no commitments with MotoGP™.”

Will we see a future crossover between the two sports? It’s a possibility as far as these two are concerned.

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