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12 days ago

Family, a pillar of success: Quartararo's emotions flow

Chatting to Spanish broadcaster DAZN after winning the 2021 title, emotions ran high for the French history maker

The number of emotions that race through your body after winning a MotoGP™ World Championship is something only very few will experience. Fabio Quartararo (Monster Energy Yamaha MotoGP) is one of those people. And speaking to Spanish broadcaster DAZN after clinching the title at Misano, the Frenchman broke down in tears when asked about having his parents at the circuit.

“I don't know what to say, the truth is, I'm speechless. It's been a dream since I was born to be a MotoGP World Champion and today we have done it, so I don't know what to say... Thanks to everyone who has supported me in hard times, in times where I was very far away, but we have gone up again and we are World Champions.”

DAZN: There have been many of those difficult moments because the sample is that your first World Champion title is MotoGP…

“Yes, and I was never leading in Moto3 either, I have never been in front in Moto2 ™ and... World Champion in our third year in MotoGP, so I don't know what to say, just that I'm enjoying it like never before.”

DAZN: At what moment did you think something happened, was there that change so the end of the story could look something like this?

“I think that in the most difficult moments, like in Argentina 2018 in Moto2, where I was 28th, at that moment I said to myself 'either I put the batteries or I'm going to finish at home'. At that moment we took a step up. Also thanks to Speed ​​Up, who at that time never put the pressure on me to have to get results. Also the opportunity to enter MotoGP and at that moment everything was launched, but I think that moment was the most concrete.”


DAZN: You have very little voice. What did you do when you crossed the finish line?

“I have cried for half an hour, I have screamed for half an hour and it is only the beginning. I want to see if tomorrow I can still speak or not, but the sure thing is that we are going to celebrate it quite well with the family and the team.”

DAZN: Etienne and Martine are here, your parents. What did they say to you? How’s it been from a family point of view? They have also played part in all this, right?

They have a very big part and... (breaks down). Sorry.

DAZN: You don't have to apologize for this, Fabio…

“Having my parents and my brother here, who is here with his girlfriend, who have supported me at all times and wanted them to be here and in Portimao, but we have won it here, so super happy.”

In the end, Portimao can now be a more relaxed – if you can ever call a MotoGP™ race weekend relaxed – three days for Quartararo and his family. The dream has been realised, and ELD1ABLO is King of MotoGP™.

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