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What do MotoGP™ riders think about eSports?

The 2020 Championship is just around the corner and has collected the thoughts of some of MotoGP™’s leading names...

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The skills of those competing in the ever-growing MotoGP™ eSport Championship have gained praise from a number of MotoGP™ riders, as seen in a recent article published by Recently, the website focused on a few comments from a number of leading names in the world of MotoGP™ and got their impressions of the eSports series, which is back again in 2020 (stay tuned for more on that coming soon!).

The opinions of reigning World Champion Marc Marquez (Repsol Honda Team) are included, as well as those of Italian superstar Valentino Rossi (Monster Energy Yamaha MotoGP) and Grand Prix winner Danilo Petrucci (Ducati Team).

Marquez has been really impressed by the skills of the leading eSports riders, as well as the ever-growing series: “I also like to play on the Playstation from time to time, but what they did there was incredible!

“They were very precise and fine-tuned the bikes perfectly. That whole world is accelerating and growing, so it will be important in the future.”

Rossi echoes some of those thoughts, too. “There are real championships and we did not expect that five or six years ago,” says the Italian. “They are fast and accurate. They train a lot and spend a lot of time doing that. And obviously it is also much safer [than real life MotoGP].”

Another fan of computer games is Petrucci, who was surprised by the high level of the eSports competitors. "When you play video games with a friend, you laugh and have fun. But in virtual races they are accurate and go with everything for victory. They don’t joke around!

Danilo Petrucci, MotoGP™ eSport commentator

"Playing, therefore, is not the right term. They compete in the races,” adds the Italian. “It’s crazy to see it, because I thought I was good in those races, even without much experience. I know all the corners of each circuit, but in the race I played with them they beat me by several seconds! I think it's good!”