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By CNN Sport

CNN Sport sits down with Marc Marquez

The global news giant spoke with the MotoGP™ World Champion about being in lockdown with brother Alex and his cooking skills

Repsol Honda Team’s Marc Marquez has been speaking to global news giant CNN about life in lockdown with brother, and reigning Moto2™ World Champion, Alex Marquez. The pair will team together in the factory Honda squad in 2020 and CNN Sport were intrigued to find out what life in the Marquez family household is really like.

"I promise even when we were kids, we were playing for everything: who goes to bed earlier, who got out of home earlier; I mean, everything was a competition,” said the eight-time World Champion when asked about his relationship with his new teammate.

The pair have been dueling in our Virtual MotoGP™ races, with Alex so far getting the better of his older brother in all three of the events: "In the PlayStation, he beats me all the time," he said, laughing. "I mean, always: in a soccer game, in a MotoGP game, in a Formula One game, I mean, all the time he beats me.

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"But it's something, you know, he's younger, he's got more time to play. I'm a little bit more busy! I practice now, I promise you that I'm practicing a lot because we have another race coming but I'm half second slower than him... I'm pushing more the accelerator and everything on the throttle. But it's not working!"

Meanwhile, the current MotoGP™ World Champion explained that he’s been using the time at home to work on his culinary skills: "My mum tried to teach me something because she says 'you're 27 years old. I mean, sooner or later you will live alone,'" he explained.

"I tried to cook a little bit, some pizza, with my hands. But the experience was not the best one. Look, look at this," the World Champion continued, gesturing to two dark red lines on his forearm. "I mean, I burned my arm. So, it was not, the experience was not so good!"

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Their mother, Roser, told CNN back in 2014 that she was dreading the moment her sons would compete against one another. "I don't want to imagine that, no!" she said. Has that changed, more than five years on?

"In the beginning, she was scared that we are riding on the same team," Marc said. "But now she's happy, because last year, she was nervous [about] two races, in Moto2 and MotoGP. We are speaking a lot these days, and she says 'I want to know, what is the feeling when Marc and Alex race at the same time.'"

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