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Stars and Dust for Team Telefonica Movistar at Motegi

Stars and Dust for Team Telefonica Movistar at Motegi

MOTEGI - While Telefonica MoviStar Honda Spanish rider Alzamora was battlingin his hardest ever race, his Japanese team mate Katoh had probably the mostunlucky Grand Prix of the entire season. After only 5 laps, in fact, chasingHarada, Melandri who was ahead of Daijiro, suddenly lost the control of reartyre and badly fell off the ground. Championship leader could not avoid itand crashed out as well.

Fortunately, Telefonica MoviStar Honda Japanese rider slightly hurt only hisleft wrist, but lost the chance to increase his advantage for title fight.24 points gap only now between him and Harada, who easily won the race, anda big will to make up for home Grand Prix at the next two races.

Spaniard Alzamora, still suffering a facial paralysis on the right side dueto an inflammation, conquered a great second place passing experiencedMcWilliams right on the last lap before crossing the finish line.

Daijiro Katoh #74 - Honda NSR 250Crashed out

´I only hit my left wrist, but otherwise it´s ok. I will run at PhillipIsland with no problems. And for sure now there´s one reason more to do mybest at the next two races.Today the Aprilia machines were so fast in the straight that it wasimpossible for me to pass them there, so I thought about attacking in somecorners, but suddenly Melandri crashed just in front of me but in thatinstant I could not even understand what happened.I was just lucky I did not get any fracture and any bad injure´

Emilio Alzamora #7 - Honda NSR 250Position: 2ndTime: 44.07.146

´I´m so happy for this second place considering my condition. It´s a pity Itook a bad start and I lost few positions, as I had the same rhythm as thefront leading group and I could have been with them. I saw McWilliams with acertain pace and I thought about attacking and putting him behind, but thenmy eye started to hurt a lot, as I cannot close it, and I decided to staybehind and see what happens. Also I saw in front of me Melandri and Katohcrashing, so I preferred to keep calm and wait. At the end I felt I shouldtry to pass McWilliams and at the last lap I made it.

It was the hardest race of my life and I could do it only thanks to DoctorCosta´s medical center: they gave me vitamins E for my eye and kept makinginjunctions. I know it will take some time to recover completely, but I´mok. Now until the end of the Championship I really want to go on staying inthe front´.

250cc, 2001

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