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Arnaud Vincent makes 250cc debut in Valencia

Arnaud Vincent makes 250cc debut in Valencia

Arnaud Vincent makes 250cc debut in Valencia

Former 125cc World Champion Arnaud Vincent today made a somewhat overdue 250cc debut at the latest of a series of factory Aprilia tests at Valencia. The 29 year old, who won the minor category title in 2002, took his quarter-litre bow with the Equipe de France team alongside compatriot Gregorio Lefort. Both riders took things easy on the first day of their first test of the preseason although Vincent wasted little time getting up to speed, clocking a best lap time of 1'38.7.

However, factory riders Sebastián Porto and Randy de Puniet are well into their testing schedule after previous sessions at Jerez and Valencia and were able to lap over three seconds quicker than Vincent, posting an identical lap time of 1'35.3. Reigning World Champion Manuel Poggiali was again slightly off the times set by the Argentinean and the Frenchman, as he was at the last test at the same circuit just over a week ago, whilst Fonsi Nieto also remained a little off the pace with a best lap of 1'36.5 – three tenths slower than Poggiali.

The Aprilia test continues and concludes on Tuesday.

Unofficial lap times

1. Sebastián Porto - 1'35.3 (43 laps)
2. Randy de Puniet – 1'35.3 (85 laps)
3. Manuel Poggiali – 1'36.2 (77 laps)
4. Fonsi Nieto – 1'36.5 (80 laps)
5. Alex de Angelis - 1'36.5 (72 laps)
6. Arnaud Vincent - 1'38.7 (66 laps)
7. Héctor Faubel – 1'38.8 (42 laps)
8. Álvaro Molina – 1'40.0 (41 laps)
9. Gregorio Lefort – 1'40.3 (73 laps)
10. Dirk Heidolf – 1'40.3 (12 laps)

250cc, 2003

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