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Contrasting sentiments at Yamaha after Australia test

Contrasting sentiments at Yamaha after Australia test

Contrasting sentiments at Yamaha after Australia test

Quotes from the Yamaha garage after the final day at Phillip Island:

Valentino Rossi: "I'm pretty happy. This test's been quite good and we have already improved a lot since we began testing. I still need more horsepower and it is more difficult to ride at the moment because I have to push much harder. Today I did more than 25 consecutive laps and already the bike seems to work quite well when the tyres are wearing down, which is very important to know. In an ideal world I will have more horsepower for the next test here in two weeks time! Yamaha have worked so hard and so quickly so I am sure we can continue in this way."

Jeremy Burgess (Rossi's Crew Chief): " We just need some more push from the engine, which Yamaha are working on. This engine spec is still very new for us but everything we wanted to test is done. Yamaha are on track and they seem happy. This circuit requires quite a lot of horsepower and our times have been slightly off but the bike reliability is good. We've been developing new tyres with Michelin over the three days; they like using Valentino for testing because he gives such great feedback. We are now looking forward to the next test here and also to testing the bike at tracks such as Barcelona during the final stage in the lead-up to the first race."

Carlos Checa: "Not a lot of improvement today. We have been trying different things but can't find the right way to go to improve by a second, which we obviously need. I think we are missing something; possibly we have made too many changes so we'll remedy that next time. I need to improve by a minimum of half a second to be closer to the pace and this will be my target at the next test."

Marco Melandri: "I tried to do a race simulation this morning, about 15 laps, but then I had a small problem with my rear tyre so we had to stop. I've had a much better feeling during these 3 days than I did in Sepang. My shoulder is getting stronger daily, and I've worked really hard here at Phillip Island. I will need to take extra special care with my training programme when I get back to Italy to ensure that I'll be in perfect condition by the time we start racing. We never got great test results in Sepang even after six days, so it's reassuring that here the feeling was much better from the very start. We're using 16.5 inch front tyres, and we've finished working with Magneti Marelli on the engine braking system for the time being. This was a very positive test for me but I need to get a bit of rest now!"

Norick Abe: "I am so surprised that it wasn't very good here for me! I normally manage reasonable times in testing but I have fallen here, although not today. In 2002 I rode the M1 here and I had a fall at turn one, it was quite scary as I highsided at 200kmph and I think that is why I have not been very confident here; my lap time has not been good. Anyway we still have three more days here at the next test and I need to make a good time then. We have made a lot of changes, possibly too many!"

MotoGP, 2003

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