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Smiles all around at Honda

Smiles all around at Honda

Smiles all around at Honda

Quotes from the Honda garage after the final day at Phillip Island:

Max Biaggi: " I'm quite happy, we have a good rhythm, good lap time and things are working very well. A lot of confidence so at the moment I'm looking okay. The consistency today was very good today, and for sure much better than the race distance from last year. My bike is working good, the tyre performance is improving and it all looks good. The race is two months away but I can't wait for it to come. We confirmed that the problem with the bike chattering is a structural problem today, maybe we can change the chassis or something. We mixed the two bike's settings up so now I have one good bike and one which needs fixing, but hopefully it can be sorted for the next test or for the Barcelona MotoGP test."

Colin Edwards: "We got everything done early today. We went out this morning and put in some decent laps. I attempted a long run today but after 10 laps it became clear to me that the tyre we were trying wasn't as good as yesterday so I decided to come in. We ran out of things and tyres to test so we could go home early. I was ready to leave Sepang and get to another racetrack really, and I'm pleased with things now as we leave Phillip Island, the bike's working good, I feel good. I kind of feel a little bit guilty, because I show up and the bike just works, I haven't done a whole lot, maybe a click here or there but nothing outrageous. It's been the easy life so far!"

Sete Gibernau: "I can leave pretty satisfied with how things have gone here, as I've said before I've never really felt comfortable here, so I think the team once again did a great job. We've found good direction with the front, and today we've done another endurance race once again, it looks like we're going to end up the pre-season having done a lot of 'races' already. That's good, it's mentally good, it's good preparation, we've managed to find the right direction, I'm happy with Honda and how they are working, so all in all we are pleased. We were quite a lot faster than Valentino went here in the race, although conditions were better now. I'm capable of pacing myself to a good race and that was my main concern, so yeah, I'm pleased. If the race had to be tomorrow, we'd be fighting to win."

Nicky Hayden: "Overall at Phillip Island we've had three pretty productive days. We got to do a lot of laps and we're happy that many of them were consistently fast. We're up there with the fast guys and it really feels like I'm riding the bike closer to the limits - pushing more and more all the time. We still have a lot of work to do in the remaining tests before the start of the season but we're happy with the position we're in at the moment. We're off the Japan next for some wind tunnel tests - I'm going to work on my 'tucks', then back to Europe in early March."

Alex Barros: "I'm feeling pretty happy. I'm comfortable on the bike and the rhythm is improving. The target for the six-day test at Sepang and Phillip Island was to take it steady, get used to riding again and not to do anything stupid. We have achieved this and it's pleasing to be not so far off the top already. Every day the shoulder feels better and I am pleased it will have even more time to recover before the next tests at Valencia. This new team is working well and there is a very good spirit - I leave here with confidence and expectation about the season ahead."

Makoto Tamada: "We finished our testing schedule really yesterday, so we decided that today we shouldn't take any risks. I wasn't too happy with the other two days really, the other riders are all getting better, but I couldn't. I just hope for more improvement in Barcelona next month. Using last year's tyres we beat our time from the race, so we know the machine is better, we've made a big step there. Now when we get the 2004 tyres, we hope to make another big step."

MotoGP, 2003

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