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Biaggi's birthday weekend ends in bitter dissapointment

Biaggi's birthday weekend ends in bitter dissapointment

Biaggi's birthday weekend ends in bitter dissapointment

It was another tough weekend for Italian Max Biaggi, who took sixth at Assen after starting from ninth on the grid. After a slow start, he recovered from 11th on the first lap to pass Hofmann, Nakano and Capirossi before a close battle with factory colleague Alex Barros.

"It hasn't been like I would have wanted it to be. From the first lap I saw I hadn't any grip on the rear. I wasn't able to put down the bike, or speed up," said Biaggi.

"I was loosing ground and positions, I was having difficulty from the very beginning while the others didn't have any problem and in the end they just disappeared and I was left alone fighting with Barros and Nakano and Capirossi as well."

"I was stuck there and had no chance to move from that position, a very difficult race, I was loosing a second a lap. Well it's not a very clear situation - I tried to do my best. I've done the best I could. Every time I'm doing the best I can but it's always like that."

"As we say, this is a sport where there is the rider and the team as well, it's not just a matter of the man [riding the bike]. I hope we'll be able to come back from the next race, but I mean it: the next race. I really hope to come back amongst the best three, or there's no way we can get out of this situation. I think we can come back and get a good result. I'm thinking of the victory. But at the moment we are far behind. There's no doubt we'll work hard for this."

The Italian also reflected on Friday's qualifying practice session incidents after being sanctioned by the FIM for his behavior.

"This situation is the ugliest that could ever happened. The crash with Melandri; then my uncle's hot reaction and at last the decision of the Race Direction to penalize me. I'm very sorry for my uncle's behavior because I know he reacted instinctively only to defend me, but he's the nicest person on earth."

"To understand what really happened you need to see the pictures from above because only that angle clearly shows the incident. Melandri was coming from behind and he entered the inside of the chicane with one intention only: to throw me out of the track. In fact, he also turned his head to launch a challenging look at me. He hit the body-work of my bike and good faith only kept me on."

"All this is even more pointless because Melandri could not do another fast lap: he had just messed up his last fast lap and with that qualifying tyre he could not do another one - Michelin confirmed it. Anyhow I have nothing against Melandri, adrenaline attacks can happen to anybody. I'm sorry for him and especially for the image that we projected."

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