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MotoGP press conference in China

MotoGP press conference in China

Casey Stoner, Valentino Rossi, Dani Pedrosa, John Hopkins and Alex Barros spoke to the world's media in the official press conference ahead of the Sinopec Great Wall Lubricants Grand Prix of China.

Casey Stoner:
"The first race was like a dream come true; I really didn't think it would get much better than that. Jerez was something of a reality check, and I really wasn't expecting to win in Turkey."

"I need to think about other parts of the circuit, not just the straights. You need the bike well set up because, even though the track does flow, some parts of it don't."

"It's been easy for me to keep my feet on the ground. We have to make sure that we don't get overconfident."

Valentino Rossi
"The bike wasn't so bad in Turkey, but we will try and turn that form into results here in China. The tyre problem was a surprise, but we understand the reasons for it now. On the post-race Monday test we worked on a few things. The long straight created a big gap in Qatar; here we are hoping for an improvement to keep up with them."

Dani Pedrosa:
"Now I feel a little better. Fortunately it was only a crash, no broken bones. Last year was good for me, but this year will be different and we will have to overcome the Ducati advantage. It will be difficult, but I believe that we can do it."

John Hopkins:
"The podium is my main goal for the season, and I've proven at the last few tracks - which aren't my favourites - that we can run at the front. The Bridgestone tyres have come on tremendously, and I want to finish every race in the top five or even top three now that I have such a good package. Once we crack the podium then there is no reason that we can't be on there every time."

Alex Barros:
"The second day in Turkey was a lot better for me, but qualifying is still a problem. The 800cc is a great bike, Ducati did a really good job on it. The tyres and the electronics are the biggest improvement from the 990cc."


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