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Why is Stoner so successful in 2007?

Why is Stoner so successful in 2007?

The latest edition of the survey poses the question: "What is the reason for Stoner's early success in 2007?"

The latest edition of the survey poses the question: "What is the reason for Stoner's early success in 2007?" and readers can vote with their mouse as to why, ahead of the Alice Grand Prix de France. There are several schools of thought as to why the 21 year-old has won three of the opening four races this year, and before you cast your vote takes you through some of the possible factors to bear in mind.

The Ducati Desmosedici GP7 is the best bike on the grid.

Much talk this year has focused on the ‘Ducati Power' of the Desmosedici GP7 monster, which has the fastest top speed of any bike on the 2007 grid. Stoner's advantage was obvious on the long straight in Qatar, where he pulled away from Valentino Rossi continuously when under threat from the five time World Champion. Ducati have simply made a great bike capable of competing with the best in MotoGP, with the Pramac d'Antin satellite team also achieving their best results to date and appearing at the head of the top speed charts at every race.

Stoner has improved since 2006.

Any rider capable of competing at the highest level of motorcycle racing doesn't get there by chance. There has never been any doubt that Stoner has the talent to win races, and in his rookie year he regularly challenged in the top six early on. However, in 2006 the Australian's record was blighted by a string of DNFs, earning him a perhaps unfair reputation as a crasher. Stoner indicated to last year that he wasn't the kind of rider to settle for a bad position, but having led for most of the way in 2007 uncalculated risks are becoming something of a rarity for the Ducati rider. With their first win under their belts a certain amount of pressure is alleviated from a rider, and Stoner has looked more and more assured from race to race.

The 800cc bikes are perfect for Stoner.

After their first contact with the 800cc bikes, a number of riders commented on the similarity in riding style between the new prototypes and the 250cc machines familiar to many of the MotoGP riders. Of the seven podium finishers from the first four races, only Colin Edwards and John Hopkins have not raced in the 250cc World Championship, whilst Stoner was a 2005 runner-up in the quarter litre class with four victories. His aggressive style and cornering lines from that period are fresh in his mind, whilst even former 250cc World Champion Loris Capirossi initially struggled to rediscover the necessary technique for the new machines.

Switching to Bridgestone was an ideal move.

Of the crashes suffered by Stoner in his rookie season, a vast number were a result of losing the front end and a lack of confidence with his Michelins. The switch to Bridgestone has eliminated such problems, and the tyre company are in top form at the moment with the 800cc machines.

All these ideas could be reasons for Stoner's early form. If you have a different opinion, vote ‘Other'. will speak to Stoner for his explanations at the next Grand Prix in France.

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