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Lorenzo biographer provides inside track on young champion

Lorenzo biographer provides inside track on young champion

Not many 20 year-olds can say they have their life story in print, but not many young men have achieved as much as Jorge Lorenzo at that tender age, as his biographer Ernest Riveras told

Jorge Lorenzo has made a superb start to his MotoGP career with three pole positions and three podium finishes, including a brilliant maiden victory in Portugal, demonstrating the sort of qualities which took him to double 250cc World Championship glory.

Those same rich characteristics provided his biographer, Ernest Riveras, with plenty of material for the book which they wrote together on the young rider´s life story to date.

The Majorcan star turns 21 on the day of the Pramac Grand Prix of China and another MotoGP victory would be storybook stuff after his recent forearm surgery, but as respected Spanish journalist Riveras told with Lorenzo sometimes there is more to the facts of his life than there is to fiction.

Q. How did the idea for `Por fuera desde dentro´ (Around the outside from the inside) first come about?
A. `Actually the idea for the biography came from the publishers, La Esfera de los Libros (Book Sphere), who with foresight believed that Jorge was becoming a big star. So, last October we got together with Jorge and Dani Amatriaín and we spent December working on it in London.´

`We interviewed loads of people, not just Jorge, but lots of the people who know him. In less than two months we were able to finish the biography and now Jorge is the leader in MotoGP.´

Q. What was surprised you about Jorge Lorenzo?
A. `Jorge has surprised me in many ways. Before covering bikes I worked on a lot of other sports but I´ve never met a sportsman who is so willing to learn and prepare himself properly as much as Jorge. He knows how to deal with the media, with people, with his friends and his family commitments.´

`He has also worked really hard on his fitness and the technical side of things to be the best. He knows how to teach himself and he still wants to learn more and keep training, which has always impressed me.´

Q. What is your favourite part of the book?
A. `I don´t have a favourite chapter but I enjoyed writing the main part of the book, which we called ‘personal ground'. Those were from chats I had with Jorge in London. He wanted to produce a biography like Joaquin Sabina (Spanish singer songwriter), in which there is a long discussion between Joaquin and a journalist, where Joaquin had a lot of things to say.´

`That was great because Jorge was really genuine, really open. So I knew that he had approached the book just the way he is and I knew he was telling me everything.´

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