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Top Italian chef joins Alice Team hospitality

Top Italian chef joins Alice Team hospitality

Alice Team´s owner Luis d´Antin leaves nothing to chance and with a top Italian chef as part of their hospitality team, his riders are getting all the fuel they need to improve results.

The MotoGP paddock is full of colourful characters and all the premier class teams pride themselves on the quality of the hospitality they offer their guests, so respected Italian chef Vincenzo Capuano is a more than welcome addition to the Alice Team staff.

The proprietor of the critically acclaimed Cicciotto restaurant in his home town of Naples, Capuano is serving up some tasty treats for Alice´s guests and for the team´s riding partnership of Toni Elias and Sylvain Guintoli - who are hoping that with their nutrition taken care of they can step up performances after some modest results thus far in 2008.

Capuano told, `A lot of famous people come to my restaurant in Naples to enjoy the food we offer. Now we are here with Luis d´Antin having a great time at the races, providing the food for everyone in the team.´

`My mother is working with us and all my staff come from Naples. We will be travelling to all the European GPs and we put together special dishes for every race, all from Neapolitan delicacies like prawns, mozzarella, local pasta and so on.´

Like most Italians the flamboyant chef yearns for home when on the road but explained that his team of family and friends had found a solution for homesickness, saying, `We really miss Naples but we´ve got a big picture of the Neapolitan Gulf painted on our truck to remind us of home!´

`Of course we want the Alice riders to go even faster, so we will keep serving them our specialities and we hope to give them all the help we can.´

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