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Ezpeleta and Uncini listen to riders´ suggestions on corner safety

Ezpeleta and Uncini listen to riders´ suggestions on corner safety

In a meeting on Saturday at the Brno circuit the 17 MotoGP riders present made suggestions on how to improve safety on cornering in the premier class.

Dorna CEO Carmelo Ezpeleta and Riders´ Safety Representative Franco Uncini listened to a number of suggestions from the riders in the premier class in a meeting on Saturday evening at the Cardion ab Grand Prix Ceske republiky on how to improve safety as the 800cc era unfolds.

Following the Riders' Safety Commission meeting on Friday, regular members including experienced Italians Loris Capirossi and Valentino Rossi invited the entire MotoGP field (the absent Nicky Hayden was unable to attend) to put forward their suggestions on how to increase safety, in particular on corners, before they collectively presented their ideas to Mr. Ezpeleta and Uncini.

Having received the proposals the next step will be for Mr. Ezpeleta to discuss the way forward at the next meeting of the Grand Prix Commission, which in addition to Dorna comprises the FIM, MSMA and IRTA.

Mr Ezpeleta explained, `We have realised that speed on corners is increasing dramatically and we have worked hard to increase safety at circuits. This was discussed in the Riders' Safety Commission meeting yesterday with some of the riders but due to the importance of the matter we decided to talk with all the riders.´

`Therefore, the riders came to the meeting today, I introduced the problem, they discussed it together and they have come up with some ideas to be presented to the Grand Prix Commission to resolve the problem.´


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