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New champion Simoncelli features in Italian Vanity Fair

New champion Simoncelli features in Italian Vanity Fair

Newly crowned 250cc World Champion leader Marco Simoncelli was recently interviewed in the Italian fashion magazine Vanity Fair.

With global superstar Valentino Rossi recently confirmed as the new MotoGP World Champion the profile of his friend and 250cc counterpart Marco Simoncelli, one of the big hits of the 2008 season, is growing fast in Italy.

With his laid-back style and eye-catching hairdo the Metis Gilera man, who has just clinched the 250cc title in Malaysia, is getting attention beyond the sporting media and his latest big interview came with the Italian version of Vanity Fair, who pictured the 21 year-old in a special 1970s style photoshoot.

The high-end fashion title dedicated several pages to the distinctive looking youngster, who was quoted as stating (in reference to his hairstyle), `That is how I like it, what am I going to do about it?! I admit I probably deserve a nickname, like Jimi Hendrix or something!´

Asked whether he likes to travel he responded in a typically Italian manner, revealing that he always likes to stick with Italian food, commenting, `I quite like going away but I really like it at home. Wherever we are I like to eat piada (a typical dish from the Romagna region of Italy). I need it to help me win!´

Simoncelli clinched the 250cc crown with third place at the Polini Malaysian Motorcycle Grand Prix on Sunday.

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