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Gibernau gets resettled into MotoGP action in comeback test

Gibernau gets resettled into MotoGP action in comeback test

Onde 2000 Ducati satellite rider Sete Gibernau made a Valencia return three years in the making on Monday afternoon.

That Sete Gibernau would be riding at a post-race test in Valencia would be a given back in 2005, but three years on his participation created plenty of attention amongst those in attendance at the Spanish track and those following the lap times. The Spaniard made his return to the track where he had not been able to say farewell the first time around (an injury suffered in Portugal 2006 forcing him out of the season´s final race) riding the Onde 2000 Ducati Desmosedici GP8.

Gibernau rode with fellow MotoGP competitors on Monday afternoon, the first time that he had done so since announcing his comeback to the World Championship. With all of the regular field bar he and debutant Niccolo Canepa had ridden over the past weekend at Valencia, the Spaniard was left with plenty of acclimatisation to do in the first of two days of testing.

`All the other riders are too fast for me to follow at the moment!´ smiled the former premier class runner-up, before clarifying; `They are all pretty sure of what they are doing, and I´m not yet. I´m still in need of learning what I have to do to get this bike fast; I´m not scared, but I´ve got a lot of respect for what everyone is doing in this championship.´

Gibernau´s quickest lap was a 1´34.451 turn of his home track, and the session provided the 35 year-old with plenty of data but, more than anything, reason to smile.

`I was so excited to be back again. It´s been three years since I last rode at Valencia, which is a big gap, but I enjoyed it a lot. We´re good professionals and have put a very good group together, but we need to work at some tests to see how to work best with each other.

`I´m going to bring all my experience and know-how and try to get us up to speed in the fastest possible way.´

MotoGP, 2008

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