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Burgess: ‘Valentino is in perfect physical condition’

Burgess: ‘Valentino is in perfect physical condition’

Valentino Rossi’s Chief Mechanic Jeremy Burgess says the Italian rider is still in great shape at 30 and sees no reason why their highly successful partnership cannot continue for years to come.

Speaking to in the Estoril paddock this weekend about the commonly raised theme of how long Valentino Rossi will remain in MotoGP, his Chief Mechanic Jeremy Burgess believes the Italian could continue for several more years, with a key factor being Rossi’s ability throughout his career thus far to avoid any serious injury.

“He is a young man, he’s 30 years-old, he has had a very clean, accident-free career and is in perfect physical condition,” stated Burgess. “Being the phenomenon that he is it is not beyond the realms of possibility that he could continue racing until he is 35 or beyond.”

Asked about whether he had any plans for his own retirement in the foreseeable future, meanwhile, Burgess replied, “When Valentino makes the decision that he no longer wants to continue racing that will be the point where I will make my own decision about what I do in the future. But as long as he is competitive he certainly will continue to race, I am sure of that. I am 56 years of age, so if Valentino does four more years I will be 60 and we could make a decision then.”

On the suggestion that he could one day work with another rider, the down-to-earth Burgess responded, “To pair up myself with a young rider in his early 20s or late teens would be like coupling a kid with his grandfather and I don’t think that combination would necessarily work as well as it has so far.”

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