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Pasini hopes for stability at final rounds

Pasini hopes for stability at final rounds

A rollercoaster season for Mattia Pasini took another twist last weekend in Portugal but the Italian 250cc rider is well motivated ahead of the rest of the season.

Mattia Pasini’s season to date has been far from a smooth ride, with financing issues for his team and a some inconsistent results having made for a stop-start campaign for the Italian rider.

The 24-year-old has been riding for Team Toth in 2009 but a series of financial issues meant that the Emmi - Caffe Latte team owner Daniel Epp had to step in at Estoril at the weekend to provide funds for Pasini to participate in the Portuguese event.

Having missed Friday practice Pasini took to the track on Saturday under the Team Globalgest banner – with Epp providing technical support and the rider’s Team Toth mechanics continuing to work with him. Pasini kept his composure to secure a creditable eighth in Sunday’s race having qualified seventh.

Five podium finishes – including a win in Mugello – have been accompanied by five DNF’s for Pasini in overall this season, and he is pleased to have sorted his problems out as he prepares for the final three races of the season.

How important is it to have some stability for the final rounds of 2009?
“After the problems throughout the year with Team Toth, Aprilia decided to stop working with us, so we had to find another solution. Caffe Latte have given me this opportunity and I’m so happy to race the last few races [of the season] with this group. I think it will be calmer, because the situation this year has not been very clear. It’s been so strange every time that we have had problems with the payment and the bike has been ready in the box. This is not easy for us, but now we’ve changed this and we want the last four races to go smoothly.”

And it’s important for you to keep the same team of mechanics throughout the season?
“This is a good structure and also my guys have come with me to this team, so sure we have more stability and this is important for us. My guys are coming with me because I know my mechanics, and it’s better to work with them because they know me. This is of great importance to me.”

What difference would it have made to your season if the problems you’ve experienced had not occurred?
“The first part of the season was strange for us because without testing in the winter, the first two or three races were harder as the set-up of the bike was not perfect. I couldn’t ride the bike in my mode and this was hard. In Mugello, however, we found the right balance. I’m sure if we started this season in that mode we could have fought for the title, but now third place is the realistic aim. I’m relaxed now, which is important, and we will see in the next race.”

What are you aiming for in the final three races of the season?
“This year, I think I’ve made too many errors and also had some bad luck, but the errors have been because I haven’t been relaxed. I have had so many problems in the paddock, but now we are relaxed and need results. We need to fight for first place in every remaining race.”

You’ve tested a MotoGP bike with Ducati this year…
“Ducati and Pramac gave me an opportunity and I'm so happy. We will see about next year but I had the possibility to go to the end of the year with MotoGP, but I’d prefer to get to know the bike better. It’s very different, and I want to get a certain number of kilometres under my belt first. I think MotoGP is the top and I want to race there; to improve, understand and get results. We will see. Of course it is difficult, and it’s a harder category where the bike is very different. But if the mentality is right then I think we can do it.”

Is Moto2 a more viable option for you?
“I think Moto2 will be great, because it’s a new category with a new bike, with one engine so this makes for a great spectacle. But it’s not clear yet. It’s difficult to make a good choice, luck plays a part too, and now we’ll have to consider all opportunities and possibilities. We have to do what is best for me, and I think within the next two to three weeks we’ll decide what to do.”

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