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Pons Kalex: A step into a new era in Moto2

Pons Kalex: A step into a new era in Moto2

Pons Racing and Kalex Engineering are proud to announce the birth of an exciting new joint venture in the Motorcycle World Championship.

Merging know-how and experience from both sides, the Pons Kalex project will bring a brand new motorcycle onto the starting grid in the new Moto2 category, with the aim of competing at the highest level from the very beginning.

Pons Racing, a Spanish team structure led by two times 250cc World Champion Sito Pons with a success story spanning more than 28 years, and Kalex Engineering, a German company with extensive experience in the world of race engineering, have decided to join forces and merge their resources to start in this exciting new motorcycle racing category. Kalex has developed several high-tech projects in the world of automobile, aeronautics and Formula 1. Building a completely new bike, and bringing their design ideas and manufacturing expertise to the world of international motorcycle racing, is now the biggest and most inspiring challenge for company directors Alex Baumgärtel and Klaus Hirsekorn.

After re-entering the World Championship, Pons Racing is well aware of the opportunities the new Moto2 class would bring. With their aims set high for next year’s championship, team manager Sito Pons and chief engineer Santi Mulero have been studying and evaluating various projects over recent months, always with the idea of bringing in their own vast experience and thus creating their own project.

In their search for the right partner, they eventually decided to join forces with the young and prospering German engineering company that offered fresh ideas and an open mind.

Sito Pons:

“We have visited and evaluated several companies in order to research and find out what would give us the best start in Moto2. Kalex has been the answer – they are exactly what we’ve been looking for. We have seen some very interesting things in other companies as well, but we didn’t want to be just buyers of a motorcycle. We want to create our own prototype together with our new partner. Kalex has the expertise and the facilities for high class manufacturing. Their technology and our experience is an ideal combination to create a bike that will meet all the requirements to be competitive on the highest level.”

“Kalex has the means in terms of engineering, and we think we know how to transform their work into success on the race track. This is not a project designed for one year. We are looking further ahead into the future. We want our Moto2 project to progress and prosper, and at the same time, we want it to be the base for future developments. Considering the upcoming changes to the MotoGP class in coming years, we even have the premier class of motorcycle racing in sight!”

Alexander Baumgärtel:

“We are delighted to have won Pons Racing as our main partner in this project. Since we started talking about the possibility of joining the Moto2 class for the very first time, it was clear for us that we wanted to do this with a team that had the experience and the on-track knowledge essential for such a development. With Pons racing, we’ve found exactly what we wanted. The combination of our know-how in motor racing development and the experience of Pons racing in competing on the world’s highest level, is a fantastic combination with all the ingredients for success.”

The new Pons Kalex will be presented at the Gran Premio Generali de la Comunitat Valenciana at the Ricardo Tormo Circuit, the last round of this year’s FIM MotoGP World Championship from 5th-8th November.

Press release courtesy of Pons Kalex


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