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Dainese confirm Lorenzo Airbag a success in Valencia

Dainese confirm Lorenzo Airbag a success in Valencia

Italian manufacturer explains in a statement that the D-Air Airbag used by the Spanish rider demonstrated its reliability in a competitive situation.

The activation of the D-Air Airbag - worn by Jorge Lorenzo - on the fourth lap of the Gran Premio Generali de la Comunitat Valenciana, due to his sudden near high-side, provided manufacturers Dainese with valuable technical feedback.

The Italian company has revealed that the system worked correctly and did not affect Lorenzo’s perception when driving, after reviewing the data provided by the telemetry on board. Dainese concluded that, “Analysis of the lap times for that section of the track indicated a delay of at least six to seven tenths of a second, mainly due to the loss of equilibrium and opening of the Airbag, which then deflated on course, resetting itself within approximately 20 seconds.”

For technicians of the company, this supports the safety of the system and indicates that the inflation of the D-Air has no detrimental effect on the capacity of the rider to control the bike and continue in the race, provided of course that the cause of the sharp change in direction does not result in a fall.

Lorenzo’s sharp and quick moment on lap four activated the Airbag, and by sensing the danger the D-Air inflated before any possible impact. Although Lorenzo noted that he lost valuable seconds in his pursuit of Valentino Rossi in the race, he has already made clear that he wishes to continue using the Dainese D-Air.

You can view the moment on lap four which caused Lorenzo’s D-Air to activate in the video above.

MotoGP, 2009, GP GENERALI DE LA COMUNITAT VALENCIANA, Jorge Lorenzo, Fiat Yamaha Team

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