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Inmotec’s MotoGP prototype continually evolving

Inmotec’s MotoGP prototype continually evolving

The first Spanish MotoGP manufacturer has drawn up an intensive training programme, having already developed its first prototype.

Inmotec’s efforts to provide the first Spanish-built machine to compete in the MotoGP class are now at an advanced stage, with the prototype of the bike they intend to race at five Grands Prix in the 2010 season constantly progressing.

This week they are putting together the second unit, which will incorporate many changes from the prototype first presented at Valencia last November. Alterations to the chassis, swingarm, engine and aerodynamics will all be involved, and in February a day’s testing in a wind tunnel near Paris is planned to assess data relating to the fairings.

Oscar Gorria, Managing Director of the firm, has confirmed that Inmotec have already completed 12 days of testing with rider Iván Silva. He said: “The bike is continually evolving. We will adapt the training schedule for the development of the new parts. At the moment we’re training at circuits like Navarra or Alcarrás – where the attached video was shot – and we believe it is necessary to go and train at World Championship circuits, to record more data for our own reference.”

Gorria considers the single-tyre rule with Bridgestone as vitally important, as it assures Inmotec have the same compounds as other MotoGP teams.

“The agreement allows us to have an exact point of reference for this specific part of our development. I think the confidence Bridgestone has given us says a lot about the seriousness of our project.”

Inmotec’s projects do not stop at MotoGP, with the presentation of their Moto2 bike due in mid-March. It is a bike they have received orders for and which will run in the CEV Buckler (Spanish National Championship).

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