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Redding pleased with first Suter ride

Redding pleased with first Suter ride

British teenager completes first few laps on Moto2 prototype at the Circuit de Catalunya for the Marc VDS Racing Team.

Scott Redding’s first outing on the Suter MMX at Montmeló on Wednesday was a pleasing experience for the rider, who is excited by the potential the bike has for the 2010 season.

Redding completed seven laps on the bike late in the day as he waited for better conditions on the wet track, and when he emerged from his pit box to take the machine around the circuit he gained a good first impression.

“It was different from what I’ve been riding,” Redding told in the attached video. “I’ve tried the FTR and the Kalex (in December) and they felt like a similar kind of bike, and the Suter has a different aspect about it from the other two. I get on with Pete (Benson, chief mechanic) and we had a talk about it and we definitely think the bike’s got potential.”

Redding then explained what he wanted to work on for the remaining scheduled two days on Thursday and Friday.

“Suspension settings more or less, because the bike didn’t feel like it was being pulled into the tarmac, I just felt like I was riding on top which was a strange kind of feeling. But I think that if we work well we’ll be able to get a good feeling.”

Redding added: “I just want to get more comfort with the bike, and for the bike to be more tailored to me. It’s a different kind of feeling to what I’ve ridden every time before so hopefully after these few days it will be more suited to me.”

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