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Moto2 engines presented

Moto2 engines presented provides images of the engines which the prototypes of the new intermediate category are fitted with as of today.

The 40 riders who will take part in the Moto2 category are today testing the new engines they will use in the inaugural season of the competition – the 600cc Honda engines prepared by Geo Technology – which were delivered to teams on Saturday.

The process of delivery of the engines was made by a random allocation, in which each team was assigned one of the 44 engines brought to the official Valencia test by Geo Technology. The Swiss firm, led by Osamu Goto, a respected engineer and designer who worked for Honda and Ferrari in F1, will be in charge of the preparations and maintenance of the new 600cc Moto2 engines.

Goto commented that the emphasis in the process of preparing the engines has primarily been on searching for power, reliability and stable performance, thus ensuring technical equality. He said: “The teams can work to adjust the injection, depending on the air intake or outlet they use, but if they follow the directions of HRC the variations of power between one engine and another will be minimal.”

According to the Japanese engineer: “The engines will be reviewed every 1500km, approximately every three races. Its performance should be stable over this time, but it also depends on the strategies used by the teams, and how they treat the engine.”

To ensure that no team is tempted to manipulate an engine, which would undermine the competition, the engines are equipped with a series of seals, and will be controlled by the team directed by Technical Director of the Championship, Mike Webb.

“The four seals that block access to the essential parts of the engine will serve as a primary review,” said Webb. “But we also have access to the data, with which we can monitor everything to do with the engine and certify that the performance is in line with the established parameters and has not been tampered with.”

Moto2, 2010

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