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Holiday Gym-G22 launches in Madrid

Holiday Gym-G22 launches in Madrid

The project brings together brothers Pablo and Gelete Nieto in the team’s management side, and Fonsi Nieto on board the Moriwaki prototype. All were present last night at the team’s official 2010 presentation.

The Kapital theatre in Madrid was the setting for the official launch of the Holiday Gym-G22 team’s 2010 project on Tuesday evening, as the structure celebrated its impending World Championship debut in the inaugural Moto2 season.

The event was attended by guests from across Spain as the start of the project was marked with a party, at which the official team photos were taken and the Moriwaki bike of riders Yannick Guerra and Fonsi Nieto was also on show.

Ángel Nieto and presenter Ainhoa Arbizu were in charge of leading proceedings, at an event at which both team riders also discussed their expectations for the new intermediate category.

Fonsi Nieto, who is making his return to the World Championship stage with the project, said: “It’s going to be a great Championship with the equality in bikes. I would like to be able to be at the level I was in 250cc and I will put in all the hard work necessary.”

“We have had a pre-season that’s been complicated by the weather and I took more time off than the rest because of world superbikes, which finished earlier. At first I thought that Moto2 would be more similar to superbikes, but it seems more like 250cc and because of this I need to have more pace. But I hope to be ready quickly and of course give my all to get the best results.”

He continued: “I think we have what it takes to have a good season and with the way things are today in terms of the economical climate in the world, we are privileged to be able to do this. It’s a very special night because I’ve never had a team presentation in my own city before, with a team and sponsor from my city as well, so this is great for any rider.”

His team-mate Yannick Guerra, a 21 year-old with previous experience of 600cc bikes thanks to his participation in the European Superstock Championship from 2006-2008, outlined his objectives for the 2010 campaign.

“You must always have ambition, especially in this sport, but for now I want to concentrate on gaining experience. I have lots of enthusiasm, and the opportunity to ride in the World Championship is incredible when you take into account the fact you learn alongside the best.”

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