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Fantasy MotoGP 2009 winner Jorge Porcar

Fantasy MotoGP 2009 winner Jorge Porcar

The winner of Fantasy MotoGP 2009 was Jorge Porcar from Barcelona, who received the first prize of a Yamaha scooter offered by met Jorge Porcar from Barcelona, winner of Fantasy MotoGP 2009 and a Yamaha scooter, and asked him for the secret of his success…

How long have you been a fan of MotoGP?

I’ve followed MotoGP as far back as I can remember. I started to be a fan in the 80s when my father took me to the 24 Hours of Montjuic.

When did you start playing Fantasy MotoGP?

I started playing when Fantasy MotoGP began on the web. I don’t know if it’s been four or five years, but I always played to win the prizes and this year I succeeded!

Can you explain the secret behind your win?

Of course not! Next year I want to win again although I must admit 99% is luck and the remaining 1% is information on the previous day’s results, on the classification and how the riders have done at that specific circuit in the past.

Is there a rider for whom you have a particular favouritism?

I don’t have a regular routine, I try to change it. To bet on Valentino, Casey or Jorge doesn’t have much merit, because they always win. Sometimes you have to take a risk.

Who will win in 2010?

I think Rossi will win again with Stoner and Lorenzo battling for second place. I hope Pedrosa and Honda return to shine like before, and that debutants such as Bautista and Barberá do well.

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