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“Dream come true” for World Champion Lorenzo

“Dream come true” for World Champion Lorenzo

After sealing his first premier class title in Malaysia on Sunday the Fiat Yamaha rider gave his emotional reaction to the realisation of a lifelong dream.

Third place in the Shell Advance Malaysian Motorcycle Grand Prix on Sunday handed Jorge Lorenzo the 2010 MotoGP title, and following the achievement the 23 year-old Fiat Yamaha rider gave his reaction to the accomplishment of a lifelong ambition.

"This is my first title in the premier category and my dream has come true! This is really the maximum a motorcycle rider can achieve in his career so we have to celebrate and enjoy these hours, minutes and seconds like it's the end of the world. You imagine this moment in your head your whole life but when it comes you don't know how to act or what to say. I am trying to be relaxed, to speak clearly and not say anything crazy! I'm so tired right now; I just need to be alone in a room for a few minutes, just thinking about what I've done!” said Lorenzo .

“I want to thank so many people, it's difficult to find the words but I have to mention Yamaha, all my team, Bridgestone and everyone involved. And of course thank you very much to my fans, who have been with me every step of the way.

“The perfect situation today would have been to win, but it wasn't to be this time. I made a good start and was riding well and I thought I could go away from Andrea at one point, but then he overtook me and then Valentino as well, and I thought there were too many risks today to fight for the victory; it was better to wait until the end of the race.

“Motorcycling is my passion and my job but it's also a game, and this is what I was saying when I held up the sign saying ‘game over'. Today it's over for this season because I am the World Champion!

“I don't think about the future now, I just want to celebrate my first MotoGP title and I can't think beyond this night. The future will be tough and exciting, with giants for my rivals, but we don't need to think about that now, we can just enjoy the moment.

“We have come such a long way; some things happen very slowly in your career and some very fast. When I started in the World Championship I was almost last in the 125 class but in only eight years I have become MotoGP World Champion. It's incredible how life can change. We have fought so hard and for this. I've been fortunate because I've had good luck, good bikes and good teams. I've always been surrounded by people who want to best for me and I am very grateful for this.”

Reviewing the season so far, in which he has taken 13 podiums from 15 races – including seven wins – Lorenzo continued: “The pre-season didn't start so well with my broken finger but in the end it's been a fantastic year. If I had to pick the three best races I would say the number one was Jerez, because it was the first time I won there in MotoGP and it's maybe the best place to win a race. Plus I enjoyed my jump in the lake! Silverstone was maybe the best race I had, because I was aggressive and fast. Then finally here, not for the riding but for the importance and the World Championship. I want to win some more races this season and I will try my hardest to do so.

“I don't know yet if I will use the number one next season. If I can think of a good design then yes, if not I stick with 99!

“World Champion - it sounds unbelievable to hear these words, it is such a pleasure, you feel like you're king of the world. We will enjoy this night to the maximum."

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