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Champions Tower: The MotoGP Trophy

Champions Tower: The MotoGP Trophy

The idea behind and creation of the MotoGP World Championship Trophy is explained by its Spanish designer, Marc García Rojals.

With every MotoGP season that passes a new plaque is added to the impressive World Championship Trophy, allowing the latest chapter in the illustrious history of the premier class of motorcycling to be documented.

Jorge Lorenzo is the latest rider to have added his name to the continually evolving Tower of Champions, the concept of which the Trophy’s creator Marc García Rojals explained.

“We set out wanting to create something that could represent the history of the MotoGP World Championship,” said the Spanish designer. “This is the oldest motorcycling Championship and has seen participation from many countries. For this reason the idea was to create a living piece, something close to the idea of the Tower of Babel.”

“We think that the symbols of MotoGP, from 1949 until the present day and personalised through the name of each Champion, can form an infinite construction, in search of glory and with the same concept as that legendary tower.”

The Trophy is made up of two parts; the carbon fibre base which makes it light and compact, and the solid silver plaques which are added by each Champion at the end of every season.

MotoGP, 2011

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