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Positive test in Estoril for Repsol Honda riders

Positive test in Estoril for Repsol Honda riders

The Repsol Honda Team returned to the Estoril circuit on Monday to resume development work on the RC212V in the first after-the-race test of the 2011 season.

Casey Stoner, recovering from the physical problems he suffered in his back on Sunday during the race, tested the new 2011 Öhlins front fork with various hydraulic settings, a new clutch and two new specification Bridgestone tyres.

Andrea Dovizioso also tested a new clutch which he found to reduce 'hopping', and he also completed a tyre test with Bridgestone.

After his great victory on Sunday, Dani Pedrosa chose to complete only 17 laps and reduce his testing program due to his recent surgery and the effort it took for him to take part in the 28 lap race. Pedrosa completed a few laps with the modified clutch.

Casey Stoner – 1’36.602
“We haven't had a lot to test, there aren't really any new parts, we tried a different system on the clutch which was fine but not actually improving on what we have. We tried a few Bridgestone tyres with a new construction and compound, they were definitely an improvement especially on the left side, so that went well. We tested the new 2011 fork and everything worked well with them, last time we tried them we had some issues with chattering but we seem to have fixed that now. This is a big improvement as these forks work better on the bumps and on the brakes so hopefully we can continue to use them in the future. The beginning of the day my back was really sore and difficult to ride with but then it eased a little as the day progressed, so I hope it continues to get better.”

Andrea Dovizioso – 1’37.460
“Today we tested a new clutch that gave us positive feedback and we had less hopping. We also tested two different settings that gave me a better feeling under braking. In general I was riding more comfortable than during the race weekend. Bridgestone also brought two new rear tyres but the feeling was not so good as I had some chattering on the front. Anyway, it has been a positive test and I'm looking forward to the next races.”

Dani Pedrosa – 1’37.679
“The shoulder is a bit better than last night thanks to some muscle relaxing tablets I took, but I've still got a lot of pain. I did a few laps with the bike I used yesterday for the race, but I saw immediately that I wouldn't be able to do the full program today. I tried one modified clutch looking to reduce the hopping, the bumping on the rear we have when we release the clutch. It's a shame not be able to profit from this test because we wanted to also try the new 2011 front fork and rear shock to get more traction, but I was unable to do it. Now, the plan before Le Mans race is to rest as much as I can for three or four days, trying to recover. Then I must check what is the best technique to relax the muscles, because it would be good to arrive in Le Mans in good shape and not so tense.”

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