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The sixth Buckler Forum 0,0 discusses rider safety

The sixth Buckler Forum 0,0 discusses rider safety

The latest in airbag technology was the focus of the sixth edition of the Buckler Forum 0,0, held at the fifth round of the MotoGP season as part of their ongoing focus on motorcycle racing safety.

Recent developments made in airbag technology by various manufacturers is already being used in competition, and future intentions include the use of rider airbags becoming mandatory.

The sixth edition of the Buckler Forum 0,0 had the participation from several major players in the world of racing, including current MotoGP rider Héctor Barberá, and the former World Champion Álex Crivillé, the Buckler 0,0 Ambassador for Responsible Riding.

Also present and participating in the safety forum were Jeremy Appleton representing Alpinestars, who presented the company’s electronic airbag technology that has been in use since last year, Juan Carlos Alcácer, Specialist in Orthopaedic Surgery of the Circuit de Catalunya, and Javier Alonso, Chief Security Officer Dorna.

Dr. Alcácer praised the use of type of device from a medical standpoint, stating that “Though our experience is still scarce, the statistics so far draw very positive conclusions. According to a report published in RACE November last year, the use of airbags on motorcycles reduces the severity of back injuries by 80 percent, neck injuries by 50 percent and chest injuries by 25 percent.”

Javier Alonso addressed the possible mandatory use of airbags in the World Championship, stating “The problem of airbag technology today is that it is not yet fully developed. We would like to use it as soon as possible, but we must be certain that everyone has access to this technology. The airbag must be suitable for all categories and at present is not.” Alonso affirmed that development and research on the airbag will continue.

The purpose of these forums is to eventually bring the technological advances in safety developed for the highest competition to the road.


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