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Ducati's Mugello test ends with Rossi back on the GP12

Ducati's Mugello test ends with Rossi back on the GP12

Ducati’s Mugello test ended with a beautiful, sunny day and ideal conditions. Wednesday was Valentino Rossi’s turn back on the Ducati GP12, as he completed his third day of testing with the bike by turning 80 laps between 11:00 a.m. and 6:30 p.m., when the Tuscan circuit closed.

Franco Battaini completed a series of tests with both the GP11 and the G12, while Vittoriano Guareschi followed Valentino’s progress from the box, along with Filippo Preziosi.

“It was another positive test,” said Rossi. “We had a number of things to try, including a new step with the frame that I liked. The general feeling was good. I was already happy with the engine the first time I tried it, and now we’re also making progress with the rest of the bike. Naturally, we’ll have to see when the others try their 2012 bikes, but as far as we’re concerned, for the moment we’re satisfied; our bike is already good. Riding at Mugello is always a pleasure. On top of everything else, the conditions today were perfect, so in addition to the good work we carried out—because I did 80 laps—I enjoyed my time riding. Compliments to the circuit for the new additions; the main grandstand is really nice, and of course I hope to see Mugello filled with fans for the race.”

“For this test we brought an updated frame for Valentino to try,” echoed Filippo Preziosi, “along with several other interesting things, and I’m pleased to report that we received positive feedback. The lap times were better than at the last test, which is additional confirmation that we’re working in the right direction. A big thank-you to Valentino and Nicky, to all the guys on the Team, and Ducati, where they’re extremely committed and are working really hard.”

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