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Red Bull MotoGP Rookies Cup: Techer wins as Sissis crashes

Red Bull MotoGP Rookies Cup: Techer wins as Sissis crashes

The second Red Bull MotoGP Rookies Cup race at the Cardion ab Grand Prix České republiky was won by Alan Techer, who was chased across the line by Tomas Vavrous and Scott Deroue.

Cup points leader Arthur Sissis was headed for victory but crashed 3 corners from the finish, gifting a 6 points advantage to Lorenzo Baldassarri, who finished 6th.

With the timing monitor showing 19 riders vying for the lead it was as intense as physically possible, with riders and machines touching as they battled for position, so close that Spanish 15 year old Xavi Pinsach crashed spectacularly out of the lead group when another rider inadvertently nudged his brake leaver.

“It was the most incredible race,” said Techer. “So close, we were touching at almost every corner. I didn't get a good start and I just had to fight my way through. Then in the last three laps it was a battle between myself, Tomas, Scott and Arthur. I opened the gas as early as I could through the last corner, I had a bit of a slide but I hung on and won. It was such a tough race, so great to win.”

It was the last corner battle on the penultimate lap that set up victory for Sissis following an incredible 13 laps where no one had any kind of an advantage. As Deroue and the others got a little tangled, Sissis pulled a half second lead on the final lap. But in the last corner before the drive up the hill to the finish line, he was too hard on the throttle, breaking the rear loose and throwing him off the bike.

Deroue had done most of the leading in the closing stages but a couple of mistakes on the last lap cost him, leaving the Dutch rider to take third. Vavrous grabbed more points from the weekend than anyone else with a 3rd and a 2nd. “I thought yesterday was my toughest ever Rookies race but this was even tougher. There was no planning, no tactics, it was just race as hard as you can at every corner, we were touching everywhere. On the last lap I was determined not to crash but I was also determined to get on the podium.

James Flitcroft and Stefano Valtulini both had great rides to finish 4th and 5th ahead of Cup leader Baldassarri. The final Rookies Cup race of the year is at Misano on September 3rd.


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