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Bautista's work delayed at Aragón

Bautista's work delayed at Aragón

Álvaro Bautista had made a solid start to the Grand Premio de Aragón weekend’s proceedings and was prepared to build upon the morning’s work, until a power outage at a nearby electricity station caused the cancellation of the afternoon practice session.

Álvaro Bautista recorded the 13th fastest time and also getting through a large amount of work in the morning session– on the same set of softer compound Bridgestone race tyres - as he tried to find a clear direction for the rest of the weekend. He was left disappointed, along with the rest of the MotoGP paddock, when the decision to abandon the afternoon session was abandoned despite the best efforts of the circuit organisers to reinstate the power to enable the session to go ahead, but the Spaniard also agreed that it was the only possible option due to safety concerns.

Bautista and the rest of the MotoGP riders will have a 75 minute session tomorrow morning - plus the usual hour of qualifying in the afternoon - to make up for some of today’s lost time

Álvaro Bautista:
“This morning we started with the softer compound tyres on the bike to get a feeling of the track. Up until the middle of the session we were doing OK, but I continued with the same set of soft tyres until the end and by then they were very worn so I couldn't improve my lap time. The rest of the guys put on new harder tyres and went quicke, so I wasn't too worried about this morning’s position. We have to try the harder tyre because I think the softer version is only really good for seven or eight laps and after that in these conditions it will drop off quite a bit. We are really disappointed with what happened this afternoon since we had a lot of things to test: a new gearbox, the harder tyres and a new setting for more grip from the rear, but now we have to wait for tomorrow. I know it was the right thing to do as race control couldn’t see what was happening around the track, but it was still frustrating that we couldn’t get on with our work. I hope we make the right choice with the direction in the morning, because we can’t afford to go in the wrong way with only two sessions. I am confident that we will still have a good weekend and I am looking forward to the race very much.”

Rizla Suzuki press release.

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