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Capirossi on his new role and Bridgestones

Capirossi on his new role and Bridgestones

Bridgestone’s collaboration with Safety Advisor to Dorna, Loris Capirossi, resumed at last week’s Sepang test, with the three-time World Champion providing input into the ongoing evaluation of Bridgestone’s 2012 specification MotoGP™ tyres.

During his stay in Malaysia, Capirossi took time-out to talk to about his new role with Dorna, rider reactions to Bridgestone's 2012 tyres, and his hopes for MotoGP in the future.

Loris, how does it feel coming to the circuit but not being able to get out and cut some laps?
"Especially on the first day when I arrived here, it was tough seeing the riders out on the circuit and me just standing around watching them go, but this feeling passed very quickly."

"The good thing is that I decided by myself to retire, and for this I’m happy because during twenty-two seasons as a rider I always had what I wanted. One thing that is very different now that I’m Safety Advisor is that I think in these few days I’ve walked over one-hundred kilometres between the boxes to talk to the riders - this has been very strange!"

How did your appointment as Safety Advisor to Dorna come about?
"I had been talking a long time with Carmelo [Ezpeleta] and he always said he would like to have me work with Dorna when I stopped racing, but first it was just an idea. Then last year when I announced I was retiring, we decided I would work as Safety Advisor and I am really happy about this because I have been involved with the safety commission since 2003 and I never missed a meeting, and during this time I think we did an amazing job to improve rider safety."

"Now in my new role I can continue to help in this way and give everybody the opportunity to use my experience, because for sure I bring a lot with twenty-two years in GP’s."

What are the main objectives you hope to achieve this year in your new role?
"The first step for this year was to resume the collaboration with Bridgestone and to develop a working plan for the future. Bridgestone is very important to rider safety and so our relationship is also important, and I am happy to be involved with their work in MotoGP."

"Both our first meeting at Valencia last year and now here at Sepang have been constructive, and the feeling between Bridgestone, myself and the riders is very good."

In your discussions with the riders, what was the feedback on Bridgestone’s 2012 specification tyres?
"The general feeling is that the 2012 specification tyres are very good. The riders are happy with the warm-up performance and improved feeling and this is important for their confidence. Also, the experimental front tyre that was tested here in Sepang gave riders an understanding of the direction of Bridgestone’s development and for this, the feeling was also positive."

"Honestly, things have been really positive here and I am pleased I can help provide Bridgestone with some information from the riders."

So the riders are responding well to you in your new role?
"Definitely, yes. I have many responsibilities in my new role and helping with tyres is just one part of this, but in everything I do the most important thing is I know how to speak the riders’ language. I was in the same position as them until just a couple of months ago so maybe there are some things they can explain to me that they find it hard to explain to someone else. The riders respect me, so this puts me in a good position to offer advice on what the riders require."

In what direction do you see MotoGP heading in the future?
"This year it’s quite different with the introduction of CRT, but everyone knows the financial situation at the moment so we need to find a solution to see if we can bring the costs down. CRT is the first step, and we have to try and make this step so that in a couple of years, things can improve."

"Whether this means all bikes will be CRT in a few years is too early to say, but my personal opinion is that things need to continue to move in this direction. I hope that this year is the first step to a big change for MotoGP."

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