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40 HP Tuenti Pons presents its 2012 project in Madrid

40 HP Tuenti Pons presents its 2012 project in Madrid

The Pons 40 HP Tuenti team presented their 2012 team this morning at the 40 Café in Madrid with their three Moto2™ riders, Pol Espargaró, Tito Rabat and Axel Pons, present at the event.

The Pons 40 HP Tuenti presentation at the trendy 40 Café in Madrid on Friday brought together three things most young people today live for: social networking, popular music and motorcycle racing.

The team was presented with team owner and double 250cc World Champion Sito Pons proclaiming: “Just a few times I have had all the riders I wanted on my team at once, and for 2012 I can say I have reached that goal and that the whole team is going to be fighting for the Moto2 World Championship.”

Toni Sánchez, director of Los 40 Principales, offered: “The leadership of every part of the whole team, starting with the riders, and the partners that make it all possible like 40, HP and Tuenti. Young people have a passion for music, 40 is the number one station and we must ensure that this union is also number one.”

Salva Cayón, director of marketing at HP commented: “We continue to support this project with our technology and participation in the use made of it young people to communicate and have fun,” while Alejandro Vazquez Guillen, vice president of business development at Tuenti, said that "this team and Tuenti rely on each other and each other’s talent to excel in a very competitive world and over 13 million users will be cheering for the bikes and our riders.”

Sito Pons:

“For 2012 we are creating a team with great talent and proven winning experience in Moto2. We are very excited and convinced that we can fight for the podium in every race and the title. Pol, Tito and Axel will have the best material possible; the bike won the championship last year and we have a first class technical team who for years has demonstrated their outstanding ability. I'm happy to lead one of the best teams I've had in my three decades in the World Championship.”

Pol Espargaró:

"I'm very glad I chose the option of running with this team. The understanding with Santi Mulero, my crew chief, was complete since the first session and the Pons Kalex has been among the top three at all the circuits we went to. Last year, I had to adapt to Moto2. This year I’m convinced that it will be different and I have a lot of confidence that I’ll be with the best from the start. Two years ago, in the 125cc class, it was a joy to be all fighting to win at all the races and I would like to repeat in this 2012.”

Tito Rabat:

“I’ve been in the World Championship for a while but at this point I am at my strongest and surrounded by a spectacular technical team that is helping me improve at every meet. I am excited because didn’t take much effort to get used to the Kalex and my times were better than last year at all the circuits. I I think I can get great results and repeat more than onne time the podium that I had last year at Indianapolis. This is a great opportunity and I hope to make the most of it.”

Axel Pons:

“This will be my fourth season in the World Championship, my third in Moto2, and I hope I can continue with no injuries in order to progress and be in the points regularly. I started the preseason pretty cautious, because I had to wait more than three months without getting on the bike because of the accident in late 2011 and have been improving at a rapid pace at every test. I hope that 2012 will be a good year for me and I can be regularly in the Top10”.

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